Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Onew ssi seems to be indeed, in addition to having amazing voice, looks and personnality, a great host too!
In fact, Onew ssi hosted MBC korean film awards 10.11.18, introducing many korean stars and interviewing them as well.
The shining Onew was elegant at korean film awards red carpet, extremely cute as always (even making a cute mistake) and hardworking.
Here are some pics taken that night :

He had already hosted many Music Core events on august 2010 along with Choi Minho ( SHINEE member) , Suzy ( Miss A member), Jiyeon (t-ara member) and Krystal ( f(x) member).

Here are some pics of the numerous programs:


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy birthday to Onew

Today, (14 december 2010) is Onew ssi 's birthday!
Yes, Great leader Onew's  finally 21!
Happy birthday to you Dubu!
We all wish Onew a great birthday! We hope he'll be happy, healthy (i really hope he stops falling ang hurting his body), handsome as always, and successful!
I also wish  he enjoys this great and special date with his family, which i'm sure he misses a lot, the members of shining Shinee, and his dearest people.
May this birthday be followed by lots of other onew's birthdays, and lots of amazing days!

I wish your korean fanclub has sent you thousands of great gifts!
For me, i send you everyday all my love and admiration, which i think is the more significant gift.

Onew fighting!
And Best Wishes!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Name I Loved

"The name I loved" is the title of Onew's song along with kim yun woo.
Personnally, it's the song that I listen to whenever I'm feeling down or lonely, or whenever I want to hear onew's soft and amazing voice. It instantly gives me energy and warmth, making me feel better.
I can sense, while hearing "The name I loved", Onew's sensibility and purity.
The melody easily transports you to a new world, a beautiful one, extremely pleasing and calm.
Beside, It's a new Onew that you can discover thanks to the song, a sensible and loving Onew  who can't seem to forget the name of his real and only lover, which is quite different from his initial images:
  • The funny boy with onew's sangtae or onew's condition and in his appearance in the korean show "the golden bell"
  • The sexy man in lucifer
  • The tender and caring leader
  • The cute boy in hello and in shinee's first albums
I hope I can get to know him much more.
Anyway, no matter how many times and how many ways I describe this song, I'll never be able to express the feelings that are awaken in my heard by it, that's why I'll invite you to listen to it and enjoy it yourself.

The Name I Loved is Onew and is by Onew.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Onew's hello

An other incredible album released by shinee this week (end september 2010),
and of course with a new style!
Onew's amazing new hair and clothes blew away thousands of people ( especially me ), along with shinee's members : Jonghyun, Key , Minho and Taemin maknae.

Hello, Get it and One are the main songs of the album, which can please every single person and make him enjoy listening to it. In fact, these songs are all very different, but share at the same time shinee's special and specific touch. Hope you'll give it a try, and fall in love with it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Onew 's smile

Hot and handsome boys can  attract people's attention using different aspects of their character, or simply their hot bodies.
In Onew's case, a smile is sufficient to melt thousands hearts.

It instantly gives you warmth and strenght.

you can laugh just because of his smile :)
It's warm and sincere,
and that is onew's true charm

Onew and Chicken O.O : what's the story? XD

Onew is often related to chicken, but why is that?
The reason behind this is that he actually loves chicken more than anything else!
Whenever, he hears about chicken, he goes crazy XD
He enjoys eating this favorite meal, and even had done chicken commercial.

He appears to be happier while eating chicken.

here are some funny works about that :

thanx to onew, i enjoy eating chicken much more now ;)

Bréve présentation or Short Introduction

Onew's real name is lee jinki,  온유 and is also called DuBu
He was born on the 14 december 1989 (21 years old)
As the oldest, Onewis the leader of the great contemporary boysband "SHiNee" and lives with its fourth other members : jonghyun, minho, key and taemin .

He debuted three years ago by releasing shinee's first album : ReplayThen, two others hits succeeded this first album : Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer He's also participating in several musicals as the sub vocal : Rock of ages and Brothers are Brave.
onew in the musical: rock of ages