Monday, February 14, 2011

Onew : Perfect match 3 !

Hello everyone,
Now let's see Onew with other members who are as shining as Shinee members!

Onew and Yonghwa from CNBLUE
at Gayo Daejun 2010

Onew and SUJU members (super junior)

Onew & Sungmin

Onew & Yesung

Onew & kyuhyun

Onew & Donghae

Onew and TVXQ (DBSK or Homin)

Onew & U Know (Yunho)

Onew & Max (Changmin)

Onew and Girls generation's leader tae yeon along with Minho


Onew : perfect match 2 !

Not only Ontae is awsome and popular, but also:
Minho and Onew

Key and Onew

Jonghyun and Onew

 Even threesomes are great with Onew
Onew x taemin x minho

Onew : perfect match!

Onew seems to be the perfect leader who suits every other shinee member!
In fact, whenever he's involved in a bromance couple, this ladder is instantly loved by everyone.
Here's one the couples: ONTAE , the maknae Taemin and the leader Onew!